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Unwin is the leading name in wheelchair restraint and occupant safety solutions. Trusted across the world by passengers and safety professionals, Unwin delivers complete wheelchair safety solutions to maximise accessibility for all.

Unwin was the first company in the world to develop restraints for wheelchair-users. Founder Norman Unwin was inspired by a disastrous trip to the seaside when five people were fastened to ringbolts in the floor with leather straps, bits of rope and neckties.

As Norman recalled: “One of the leather straps broke and two of the wheelchairs became completely unsecured and they had to return home with people holding the wheelchairs until they could get them out. The police said that something had to be done and that’s how all this started.”

Unwin went on to invent the world’s first devices for securing wheelchairs in vehicles, then other products for wheelchair passengers that are now taken for granted, such as lap belts, 3 point seatbelts and head rests.

Unwin Wheelchair Safety Solutions

In early 2014, Unwin became part of a Worldwide Safe Mobility Solutions with Autoadapt, BraunAbility, Bruno Independent Living Aids and Foca-Braun.

With the Unwin portfolio growing to include BraunAbility lifts and Feal ramps, we are now able to supply a complete wheelchair safety solution for your accessible transportation requirements.

We help disabled people travel in safety, comfort and style.

We help people make the most of their lives, talents and opportunities.

We’ve been doing this for decades, and we’re proud of the trust that people place in us, and our products, across the world.

We’re also proud that more and more of our products, particularly our seating and Innotrax flooring systems, are being used for an increasingly wide variety of purposes in non-wheelchair accessible vehicles, such as minibuses, police vans, crew cabs, VW campers and conversions for pedigree dog handlers.

Unwin Production 2

Our HQ is in Somerset in the UK. We have a large factory with modern manufacturing and design facilities and our own in-house crash-testing laboratory.

Our staff combine technical expertise with in-depth knowledge of the international rules and regulations that our customers need to meet. We are proud to work with major manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Vauxhall, and with numerous smaller companies, some of whom have bought Unwin products for more than 30 years.

We also enjoy longstanding relationships with many individuals. For example, Unwin is one of the very few companies to have attended every single Mobility Roadshow since it began in 1983; every year we look forward to meeting old friends.

Our aim is to help real people get on with their lives safely, happily and successfully.


“To give our customers complete trust and confidence in the integrity of both the wheelchair safety solutions we provide, and the company providing it.”


We value our people and endeavour to develop their full potential for the benefit of both the company and the individuals.

We believe the company must be ethical in all its dealings.

We believe in safety; for our customers and users, and also for our employees.

We will strive for the highest standards of quality – in product performance, customer service, and in the development of the business.

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