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Unwin Dynamic Laboratory


Unwin is the first UK manufacturer of wheelchair safety systems to have its own dynamic laboratory for crash tests as well as its own static testing facility. We work closely with UK and International Test Houses to ensure our products meet current international standards and regulations.

Unwin Dynamic Laboratory

Through these close working relationships, we are able to offer both in-house dynamic testing for development work and witness testing for approvals to European regulations.

We carry out tests on our own products to the requirements of ISO 10542 and we can also perform dynamic tests on vehicle specific floor sections for individual customer specifications. We have a dedicated engineering team who understand UK and European legislation and work closely with customers according to their needs. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

We are also able to construct bespoke fixtures to suit individual customer requirements.

Equipment Used:

  • Deceleration Sled with a maximum payload of 800kg.
  • Robust drive system producing repeatable in-bound velocity accuracy
  • High speed camera with 1000 frames per second
  • Advanced Data Acquisition Unit conforming to SAE J211
  • Hybrid II and Hybrid III 50%ile dummies

Unwin products have been tested to the requirements of ISO 10542 using this facility and have been witnessed by the Vehicle Certificate Agency (VCA). All the results are supported by independent test reports.

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