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Unwin, Autoadapt and Martech become BraunAbility

During April 2019 we will change our names from Unwin, Autoadapt and Martech to BraunAbility. With a history of more than 60 years, Unwin has grown from a small family business to a globally renowned product manufacturer. Our owner Autoadapt (Sweden) and our subsidiary Martech (Denmark) share similar backgrounds as pioneers within their respective product… Read more »

BraunAbility - E-1320 Solid Platform wheelchair accessible vehicle lift

BraunAbility E-Series Lift

A WHEELCHAIR LIFT WITH ESSENTIAL FEATURES The E-Series is the next generation workhorse from a brand that is synonymous with high-quality wheelchair lifts. Trusted for over 40 years, BraunAbility has reinvented the wheelchair lift. A modern take on simple, effective and reliable. But there’s one thing about the E-Series that is more than meets the… Read more »

Autodapt Remote Kit

Introducing the Autoadapt Remote for wheelchair lifts

By adding our bluetooth receiver to your wheelchair lift, you can control your product via your smart phone or similar device. No need to worry about cable being too short or getting. Just use the app and leave the original hand control in its cradle. The Autoadapt Remote is easy to use and a great wireless complement to the… Read more »


BraunAbility acquires Autoadapt

We are very pleased to announce that Unwin, as an Autoadapt company, is now wholly owned by BraunAbility. BraunAbility, the U.S. market leader in wheelchair accessible vehicles and wheelchair lifts, previously owned 47.5 percent of Autoadapt from a 2011 purchase. Since that time, Autoadapt and Unwin as its subsidiary, have been the sole distributors of BraunAbility… Read more »

Braun Q-Series Range


The relatively new Q-Series wheelchair lifts have up until now only been available in one size split platform. Today we introduce the first Q-series Solid platform as well as an additional platform size for the Split lift. Solid platform – Standard platform type with Q-series features Perhaps the most classic design of a wheelchair lift platform. A no-frills solid… Read more »


Introducing the new range of Unwin products

When it comes to safe and reliable products, we are among the best in the industry. We recognise that there are room for improvement in other areas. To remedy this, we took a step back and we listened to the feedback from our customers, as well as experts in the industry. We ended up giving… Read more »

Unwin Seat Locker

Unwin unveiled its new Seat Locker

  Unwin’s new Seat Locker takes another step forward by offering an even easier to use option. Unwin seat fixtures used in conjunction with Unwin Rail or Innotrax already enable a vehicle layout to be easily modified from fully seated to wheelchair accessible within minutes. Seating systems can greatly improve a vehicle layout by offering… Read more »


Unwin acquires MarTech Kliplev A/S

Unwin is pleased to announce its acquisition of the Danish company MarTech Kliplev A/S. MarTech is famous for its high-tech aluminium flooring system ‘Spacefloor’. As the leading name in flooring, wheelchair restraint and occupant safety solutions, Unwin caters to manufacturers of accessible vehicles for people with disabilities. With the addition of the MarTech portfolio, Unwin… Read more »

Braun Q-series Lift

BraunAbility Q-Series

Completely quiet premium wheelchair lifts. Almost all lifts on the market today follow a common industry standard set by BraunAbility close  to 40 years ago. Over that time our lifts have earned the reputation of being reliable workhorses. However inboard lifts also ride inside the cabin and honestly, sometimes they’re not the best passengers.   They can rattle. They can… Read more »

Unwin ambulance safety products

View Unwin full range of Emergency safety products

Unwin Emergency product brochure;  Safe and reliable products for emergency vehicles. The full range of ambulance safety products includes wheelchair lifts, passenger and loading tailboard ramps, flooring solution along with wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems. This brochure is especially designed for Patient Transport Services and Emergency markets. Unwin Managing Director Chris Hellier says: “”More and… Read more »

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