Introducing the new range of Unwin products

When it comes to safe and reliable products, we are among the best in the industry. We recognise that there are room for improvement in other areas. To remedy this, we took a step back and we listened to the feedback from our customers, as well as experts in the industry. We ended up giving our product range a complete overhaul. We added functional improvements and gave everything an appealing and unified look. We’ve simplified ordering and removed unnecessary products as well as confusing labelling.


Please review the list below for a detailed look of what to expect from the new Unwin range of Wheelchair Tie-downs and Occupant Restraints.




Fresh new design
All Unwin retractors now have a modern look and follow a uniform brand design language. They’re meant to blend in with the interior of a modern vehicle and to stand out among the other products in the industry.


Dual handed operation
Two handles on each side of the retractor allows to tighten the webbing on both sides. Perfect for both lefties, righties and tight spaces. Speaking of tight spaces, thanks to some clever designing the dual handle format adds only 3mm to the overall width.


Improved electric retractors
Our 3 and 4 metre retractors have been given a face lift to match the uniform brand design and now come with LED lights as standard.


Updated webbing colours
Black webbing in all wheelchair tie-downs complete the aesthetics of this range. To further improve the unified look the red webbing in the occupant restraint has been replaced with a discreet grey.


Optimal webbing lengths on all products
We have analysed all webbing lengths that we supply and optimised the webbing length giving maximum lengths for tie downs and occupant restraints.


Combined stalk and retractor
To maximise floor space inside your wheelchair accessible vehicle, we have combined the retractor and stalk on the floor anchor fitting.


2 stalk lengths available
Choose between a reversible 400mm Stalk for M1 and M2 vehicles and non-reversible 265mm for M1 WAV layout.




Rityta 1All ISO 10542 Compliant
Naturally all of the products have been tested to ISO 10542 compliancy. This means that they are dynamically tested and approved to satisfy the requirements for the relevant bus and vehicle directives in both Europe and the UK.




Easy to follow part numbering
In an effort to facilitate ordering we’ve made our system for part-numbering easy to understand. As long as you know what you want you can figure out the part-number by following a simple formula.


All wheelchair tie-downs available in all options
By creating part numbers for all possible combinations we’ve made special orders with processing delays a thing of the past. As long as you know what kind of floor fitting, tie-down type and wheelchair fixing you need, you can figure out the part-number by following a simple formula.


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