Unwin Innotrax Flat Floor

Innotrax® Flat Floor

Innotrax® Floor

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Innotrax floor
Innotrax® is a new generation of flooring system that "clicks" together to form a perfect vehicle floor base.

- Innovative, successfully tested, it just 'clicks' together
- Fully compatible with all Unwin products, Innotrax® is made in various panel lengths to help you create the ultimate flooring design
- Bespoke solutions can also be produced with our fully prepared floor service
- Innotrax® comes with a choice of 2 plain planks P1 (35x104mm), P2 (35x138mm) and 3 rail planks R1 (41x104), R2 (41x138) and R3 (41x209mm)

The R3 extrusion has been designed especially for the European market and features a double rail pitched at 122mm centre and a double-depth profile to fit most seat designs.

Innotrax® is a system fully tested to M1 standard. It offers certified approval across 18 different vehicle models from 11 major manufacturers.