BraunAbility A Series Cassette Lift - A-1420 - 1 from Unwin

BraunAbility A-series - Cassette Lift

BraunAbility Q Solid Platform Lift - Q-1320 - 2 from Unwin

BraunAbility Q-Series - Solid Platform

BraunAbility Q-Series - Split Platform

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The Q-Series Split lifts are not only reliable and robust, like all BraunAbility lifts, but they also combine quiet operation and rigidity with contemporary design.

The Q-Series comes with either a larger platform destined for medium and long wheel base vehicles or a smaller platform suitable for smaller vehicles such as Volkswagen T5 & T6.

- Platform sizes: Q-1320: 132cm x 86 cm, Q-1070: 107cm x 74cm
- The new inboard lifts are built with a unique Auto-Tite™ feature which guarantee a quiet ride
- 10% lighter than their predecessor at 150kg, the Q-Series lift is also 300% more rigid than any other lifts on the market
- Q-Series Safe Working Load is 400kg, 10% higher than that of standard inboard lifts
- The new design includes a steel platform and strapped hinge pins to reduce wear and tear and thus improve lift's longevity
- A distinct curved design and clever features make life easier for both user and operators
- The ergonomic new pendant has a single rocker switch which lights up when the lift is turned on
- Additional lights on the platform sides make it highly visible
- All parts designed to touch the ground are made with rubber and steel to prevent rust and reduce scratches