Autoadapt Terms & Conditions of Business


IMPORTANT: Returned Goods will only be accepted and credited according to the following policy.

Dealers must inform us in writing, whether by fax or by e-mail, whether products are faulty or have been supplied incorrectly, and this must be done within 7 days of receipt of the products.

Otherwise we shall assume that the products have been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the Dealer’s order. While dealers can contact us by telephone, we shall also require written confirmation of the request to return goods.

Unauthorised returns will be refused and returned to the Dealer. Freight charges will be borne by the Dealer.

All requests to return products should be directed to the Sales and Service Department.

When the request is approved, you will receive a “Returns Authorisation” (RA) number. If the RA number is not on the box or parcel, the unit may be refused for lack of “return documentation”.

Autoadapt UK must receive all items being returned for credit or warranty replacement within 30 days of the RA issue date. Products returned to our warehouse more than 30 days after the issue of the RA number will be refused unless authorisation has been obtained from Autoadapt UK prior to the end of the 30 day period. If an extension of time is needed, please call +44 1935 827740 or

Note: All requests must include the RA and serial number.

All products returned to us, which were neither shipped in error nor warranty items, will be subject to a 20% handling and restocking charge.

Note: All requests must include the original invoice number or serial number.

We may make an additional charge if the products are not returned in their original condition.

Warranty parts will be shipped out on a Net 30 Day basis subject to the approval of Autoadapt UK Ltd. Replacement warranty parts will be shipped out via standard freight.

Upon receipt, warranty parts will be thoroughly tested. If no problem is found with the returned part(s), the Dealer will be contacted and notified that the part(s) will be returned to him, and the Dealer will be charged for the part(s) returned. Please make sure that you have identified the defect with the product before requesting parts that may not be needed.

All merchandise returned must be sent freight prepaid.

Please note that all requests for credit notes should be directed to Autoadapt UK Ltd. For further information on returns, please contact the Sales and Service Department on +44 1935 827740 or e-mail


Visible Dameges/Losses 

Do not sign the delivery receipt until all visible damage or losses are noted with the delivering carrier’s driver.

Concealed Damages /Losses 

You must note and advise the delivering carrier of this fact immediately.

At the time both visible and concealed damages are noted to the delivering carrier, you must ask for the products delivered to be examined by an inspector.

Do not move or discard the product, packing material, etc., until the inspector has given to you a complete report of the damage. The carrier is responsible for damages and losses.

Upon your receipt of the damage report, you must then file a claim against the carrier for your losses.

Autoadapt UK is not responsible for lost or damaged products if the carrier is at fault.

Do not return the damaged product to Autoadapt UK as it will be refused, unless prior approval has been given by Autoadapt UK and a returns authorisation number has been given to you.


Dealers should return products under warranty using one of the following two methods:-

Method 1

  • Autoadapt UK sends spare part(s), payment on invoice.
  • The Dealer is responsible for installing the spare part(s).
  • The Dealer returns the defective part(s) to Autoadapt UK. Return freight is paid by the Dealer.
  • Autoadapt UK inspects the defective part(s) and issues a credit note to the Dealer after approval.

Method 2

The Dealer sends the defective part(s) to Autoadapt UK, freight prepaid.

Autoadapt UK inspects and repairs the defective part(s). If it is a warranty matter the repair is at Autoadapt UK’s expense. In cases when it is not a defect under warranty the cost of repair is invoiced to the Dealer.

Note: All requests must include the serial number.

For agency contracted products Autoadapt UK will follow the warranty conditions from the supplier e.g. Bruno Independent Living Aids, the Braun Corporation, Careva Systems, Kivi, Recaro.

If you need further information, please call +44 1935 827740 or e-mail


Please include both the article number of the product and the description of the product as it appears on the Price List as it can save time processing orders. Copies of the product catalogue are available both in printed form and in PDF format. Please let us know if you require copies.

In addition, if you are ordering a Turnout or Turny, please let us know the make and model of the vehicle if you require a specific mounting bracket.

Details of all specific Turnout and Turny mounting brackets are available on the Autoadapt DealerWeb. All dealers should have received passwords and logins to enable access to DealerWeb. If you have mislaid your login details or do not have access to DealerWeb, please contact Autoadapt UK Ltd.

While we try to make sure that we have as large a range of specific mounting brackets in stock, there will be occasions where the specific mounting bracket is not in stock and we shall therefore have to order the specific mounting bracket from our parent company in Sweden. In these cases, please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery of the specific mounting bracket.

When ordering Kivi gas rings, please provide as much information as possible with regard to the vehicle. We shall need information such as the manufacturer, model and year of manufacture of the vehicle, petrol or diesel engine, manual or automatic transmission.

If you require an order for next day delivery, it would be appreciated if you could place your orders by no later than 1.00 p.m. to allow adequate time for us to process the orders and make sure that the products are ready for collection by our carriers.


As noted above, if we are not informed that products delivered and invoiced to Dealers are defective or not supplied correctly within 7 days of receipt of the products, we shall assume that the goods have been delivered satisfactorily.

Our normal trading terms are strictly net 30 days after the invoice date unless different terms for paying the invoice have been agreed with Autoadapt UK Ltd.

If any invoices are outstanding on a Dealer’s account for more than 60 days after the invoice date, we shall place the Dealer’s account on Hold and Autoadapt UK will not process any further orders from the Dealer until such time as the overdue invoices have been settled in full.

If you are placing orders for products where the work is being carried out for Motability, please let us know if there are any delays in Motability paying for the work and therefore causing you to pay us later than the due date for payment, and we shall make due allowance for this.


We encourage Dealers to pay accounts by Electronic Funds Transfer (BACS) wherever possible as this reduces the risk of cheques being mislaid, stolen or delayed as a result of adverse weather conditions.

In addition, it can allow us to process orders more quickly as we would often know a day in advance when funds will be credited to our bank account.

Our bank account details are below:-

For payments by dealers in the United Kingdom:

Bank: Svenska Handelsbanken AB, Birmingham Branch, 67 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS

Account Name: Autoadapt UK Limited

Account Number: 29370001

Sort Code Number: 40 – 51 – 62

For payments by dealers in the Republic of Ireland

Bank: Svenska Handelsbanken AB, Birmingham Branch, 67 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS

Account Name: Autoadapt UK Limited

BAN Account Number: GB21HAND40516229370001

Swift Code: HANDGB22
Company Details:
Autoadapt UK
Unwin House
The Horseshoe
Coat Road
Martock, Somerset
TA12 6EY

Company Registration Number: 4449321
V.A.T. Registration Number: 797 7800 63

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