BraunAbility Product Warranty Policy

These conditions apply to BraunAbility products sold directly to dealers by Unwin.

Warranty conditions

The warranty period is valid for (whichever comes the first), three (3) years or 10,000 cycles on parts and two (2) years or 6000 cycles on labour, counted three months after Unwin’s invoice date. If registering the product within 20 days from the installation date on the following lift’s power train parts are warranted for five (5) years or 15,000 cycles.

On Dual Parallel Arm lifts, 
Swing-a-ways and UVLs:

  • Cylinders
  • Flow Controls
  • Pump Motor
  • Pump and backup Pump
  • Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

Warranty claims must be done within 30 days from the repair date.

Replacement parts for Non-Warranty lifts carry a 90 days warranty with no labour ­reimbursement. Remote receivers carry a one-year warranty. Transmitters only carry a 90 day warranty.

Remuneration for work performed by an Unwin authorised technician shall be paid in accordance with the standard times listed in each product’s ”labour allowance” list. The labour rate is available upon request.

This warranty only provides for replacement of parts and work performed on the product, not the repair of ancillary equipment or the vehicle it is in. Travel expenses, towing charges, travel, lodging, or any other expense incurred due to the loss of use of the product are not covered by this warranty.

For the full warranty to apply, the product shall be installed correctly, shall not be modified and shall be serviced in accordance with the manual’s service schedule.

Unwin has the right to request additional paperwork and contact the retail customer to ensure repair satisfaction.

The following is required for warranty claims:

  • Model (e.g. VL998IB3452RP-2)
  • Serial number (e.g. 02-00123)
  • Spare part Numbers
  • Number of cycles (when cycle counter exists)
  • Repair Date
  • Customer/dealer name
  • Description of problem and resolution

Spare parts are shipped as standard freight. If express shipping is required, this will be billed accordingly. If, along with warranty parts, parts are sent that shall be paid for, all of the shipping costs will be invoiced to the customer.

Replaced parts may be requested to be returned. The part must therefore, be kept until the new part is delivered and/or the claim is resolved. Disputed claims must be advised within 30 days of posting.

Returns procedure

Unwin may ask for a part to be returned for inspection and/or to decide if a part shall be accepted as warranty or not. For returning goods, please refer to our Return Procedure.

Procedure for shipping damage

Visible damages/losses

Do not sign the freight carrier’s delivery note until any visible damage or loss is recorded.

Concealed damages/losses

  • The freight forwarder must be informed immediately.
  • Spare Part damage or shortages must be advised to Unwin within 48 hours.
  • All damages/losses must be indicated clearly on the freight carrier’s delivery note.
    Do not use or destroy the goods or packaging until the carrier has undertaken its investigation and made its damage report. The freight carrier is responsible for damage or loss.
  • The freight carrier will be charged for damages on the basis of the damage report.
  • Unwin is not responsible for any damage or loss of the products.
  • Do not return any damaged goods to Unwin, as they will not be accepted unless Unwin has authorized you to do so.

Warranty and insurance

Refer to our distribution contract for more information regarding warranty and ­insurance.

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Autoadapt/Unwin labour terms

This document is an appendix to the Autoadapt Dealer Warranty conditions for BraunAbility wheelchair lifts and applies to BraunAbility product sold directly to dealers by Autoadapt AB/Unwin.

The allowance for warranty labour is 45 USD / hour.

The allowance can be changed with 30 days of notice.


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