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Unwin Emergency product brochure;  Safe and reliable products for emergency vehicles.

The full range of ambulance safety products includes wheelchair lifts, passenger and loading tailboard ramps, flooring solution along with wheelchair tie-down and occupant restraint systems. This brochure is especially designed for Patient Transport Services and Emergency markets.

Unwin Managing Director Chris Hellier says: “”More and more of our products are being used for an increasingly wide variety of purposes and our expertise in vehicle conversions means that we are accustomed to delivering bespoke and high-specification solutions of the kind required by the emergency services.”

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Customers testimonials:

Darren Sharman, National Sales Manager from Blue Light Services:

The Unwin Solo anchors are providing our customers with an alternative to floor tracking that offers enhanced infection control properties without compromising the vehicle operationally.

Lee Bott Sales & Marketing Director, O&H Vehicle Conversions

O&H Vehicle Conversions, United Kingdom “Unwin are a valued O&H partner who provide innovative, quality products ideal for the Ambulance market.

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