The BraunAbility Cassette lift was developed by ­Autoadapt for the European public transport market. Key focus lies on quick installation, low weight, reliability and ease of service.

It’s not the lightest lift on the market, but at 130 kg, 155 kg fitted, it does have the lowest weight to lift ­capacity. In other words it can do a stable lift of 350 kg while being green choice in terms of fuel economy.

Semi-automatic and operated by an attendant using the ­standard handheld control.

Unwin launches new BraunAbility Cassette Lift

A slim pump module, mounting brackets for all major brands and a great weight to lift capacity ratio are some of the key features of the new cassette lift from BraunAbility.

Developed for the European public transport market, the BraunAbility Cassette Lift offers the minimum cassette size to the maximum platform size. Weighing in at only 130 kg, with a 350kg weight capacity, the cassette is 140mm in height, while the platform is 1420mm by 820mm.

The Cassette Lift retains the reliability and safety for which the BraunAbility – and Unwin – name is synonymous as well as making installation quick and easy; the vehicle-specific mounting brackets uses existing vehicle hole patterns for the majority of the minibuses: Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot, Fiat, Citroën, Iveco, Renault, Opel, Nissan.

The slim pump module combined with the low weight cassette lift enables vehicle converters to maximize seat layouts in terms of both volume and weight.

From the end user perspective, the BraunAbility Cassette Lift has been designed to combine durability and reliability with smooth operation.

Lorraine Farnon, Commercial Director at Gowrings Mobility says:

“From our perspective, the overall weight and dimensions of BraunAbility Cassette Lift are the key benefits. Compared to other products on the market, it is slimmer, providing good ground clearance, lighter – a very important factor in achieving the required gross payload – and finally it fits neatly under the vehicle. Our decision to use the BraunAbility Cassette Lift was led by our confidence in Unwin as trusted supplier.”

Unique features to BraunAbility Cassette Lift includes:BraunAbility Cassette Lift on Sprinter

  • Anti-slip surface on the platform and bridge plate
  • Highly visible and sturdy handrails
  • Manual bridge plate
  • Smooth and silent in operation
  • Automatic roll stop
  • Vehicle specific mounting brackets

The BraunAbility Cassette lift has been successfully tested to industry standards and complies with the EN1756 standard.

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Part of the same corporate group as Autoadapt, BraunAbility and Bruno Independent Living Aids, Unwin prides itself on continuing to introduce innovative design and engineering whilst being at the forefront of international safety standards. Trusted across the world by passengers, their carers and safety professionals, Unwin delivers crash tested solutions to maximise accessibility for all.

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